Michael Cox

MCX embraces best practice in relation to adult learning. We believe that best practice is by seeing, hearing and most importantly, doing. MCX employs modern training techniques to ensure Focus, Action orientation and Balanced interaction; we are FAB facilitators! Michael is particularly noted for his ability to retain learners’ interest in an informal, respectful and light hearted manner while simultaneously ensuring beneficial and relevant learning is achieved for each participant.


Each programme commences with contracting with learners to facilitate the trainer to tailor the programme in response to specific learner/company requirements and needs. The degree of focus on particular aspects of the programme is determined during the participant contracting process and is agreed with the participants. This contract is reviewed at the start of the last day to ensure all participants achieved the desired learning.

Best Practice

MCX applies the 80/20 rule whereby ~80% of the course material will be achieved drawing on participants prior knowledge, experience and expertise with the ~20% gap in knowledge and skills being provided by the trainer.

The training is highly participatory, action orientated and with an emphasis on facilitated group discussion and role plays to ensure the learning remains relevant to the learners and eases the transfer of learning to the workplace.

Michael’s unique style of training relies heavily on a range of learning tools and techniques that guarantees real learning, enjoyment and highly motivated learners. A box of tools for your own use is a tangible outcome.

Each day session will commence and conclude with a review of learning achieved to date. The method of assessment is focused on providing learners with an opportunity to celebrate their learning and as a result is straight forward and honest without any obscurity.

In addition to completing evaluation sheets participants are facilitated in a workshop format to identify what aspects of the programme they would like to see more of and less of. This feedback is reviewed and each programme modified accordingly in accordance with MCX’s polices for evaluation and continuous improvement.

Michael Cox